Bellwether Dental

Dentist in Bellingham Washington

The Pinnacle of Cosmetic Dentistry


Bellwether Dental

Dentist in Bellingham Washington

The Pinnacle of Cosmetic Dentistry


Welcome to Bellwether Dental

Conveniently Located on Squalicum Harbor just Minutes from Downtown Bellingham, 

Our Goal was to create the Perfect Environment for Crafting The World's Most Beautiful Smiles!  

With a Resort Style Setting and Unparalleled Customer Service,  It's no wonder why we are becoming Bellingham's most sought-after Cosmetic Dental Practice!

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Six Years Ago we had a Vision...
What if we could demonstrate to people how having a perfect smile could literally change a person’s life?

Not by posting some Google stock example images of some random model’s teeth like many other so called “cosmetic” dental practices do... But by taking a REAL person from the community and transforming their smile using the latest techniques and available dental technology regardless of time, difficulty or cost.

Hence the $10,000 DREAM SMILE MAKEOVER CONTEST was born!

Feel free to browse our page and check out our work. When you are ready, give us a call. We Can Change Your Life as we have done for so many others.


About Us



 We are a Team of Dental Professionals dedicated to improving the appearance of your smile and ultimately your quality of life.

A Team who has completed HUNDREDS of Successful Dental Makeover Cases (not just a handful). We have the skills, experience and knowledge to make each individual case look superb, fit within a reasonable budget and most importantly be maintainable for a lifetime of gorgeous smiles.

No matter how bad or hopeless you may think your teeth may be... We are always up to the challenge!
What we care about is your final result. We want you to look Good... And we mean REALLY GOOD... Because ultimately our reputation depends on it!

Our Services

Cosmetic Dentistry


Offering World-Class Cosmetic Dentistry in Bellingham Washington.  We absolutely love making people look good.  After completing hundreds of successful makeover cases, we have the experience and knowledge to know what works and simply discard what doesn't.  We will create a smile for you that is perfect.  Even before we start treatment you can hold your 3D model in your hands and approve or change at your discretion.  If it can be done chances are we've done it before.   After all we are the DREAM SMILE MAKEOVER TEAM.  Smile Makeover's are what we do best!  It's no wonder why we are the New Top Cosmetic Dentist in Bellingham Washington!   


Comprehensive Dentistry


Tired of having to go multiple offices for different procedures?  From Crowns to Implants, Impacted Wisdom Teeth to Root Canals...  Almost everything can be done right here by our team of experts.  We understand that your time is valuable so we offer the convenience of scheduling all your visits at just one place.  

Teeth Whitening


If whiter teeth is what you are looking for we offer a variety of options at different price levels depending on your whitening goals.  No matter which option you pick be rest assured you will soon be walking around with a gleaming smile everyone will be complimenting you on!


A Dental Plan Designed For Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Plan, Cosmetic Dental Plan, Affordable Dental Plan, Discount Dental Plan, Dental Veneers


You've all seen Dental Plans offered before, But you've never seen one like this...



It's a Discount Dental Plan Designed for the Specific Needs of the Discerning Cosmetic Dental Makeover Client

A One Time Membership Fee of only $250 gets you a One-on-One Consultation with the DREAM SMILE MAKEOVER TEAM (Tm) plus 40% OFF Area Average Rates on ALL our Cosmetic Dental Services.

And Like All Good Things, It's only available for a Limited Time.

Call Us NOW to Enroll (360) 366-8026

Layered Zirconium Restorations Much more Durable than Porcelain Veneers


Get the Perfect Smile at Prices You can Smile About!

A Brand New Concept in Luxury Cosmetic Dentistry!  Our Dream Smile Packages allow you to have the Smile you've always dreamed of without having to worry about huge upfront costs.

Natural Beauty That Endures:

Unlike traditional porcelain veneers, our Zirconium Makeovers are designed to be Vibrant and Natural looking PLUS durable enough to be enjoyed up to a Lifetime!

How much for Zirconium Makeovers?

Depending on how many restorations you need, the average cost of these are usually around $4-7k as pictured here.  And with our SMILE NOW Financing program, payments can be as low as $160 a month for 24 months Interest Free!

Find out more

Marcia Dubrow's Reaction to Her Makeover!

The lovely Marcia Dubrow stopped in today for her Makeover Visit!

Like many other clients, Marcia had been going to a local general dentist for her regular check ups but came to us specifically to address her cosmetic concerns.

After just an hour and a half in the chair Marcia is walking out with her acrylic temporaries and things are looking much better already!

We can’t wait to see what the final product will look like!

Stay tuned to see Marcia’s final results next visit!

Ryan Leach Makeover Process

Ryan Leach hadn't been to the dentist in many years.  We began by completing ALL his necessary dental work to get him back to good oral health.  Healthy again, Ryan was so pleased with our Team he decided to take things one step further and go for a Full Dream Smile Makeover!  Here is a video of his Makeover Visit.  After just 2 hours he's walking out the door looking like a brand new man with our Acrylic Temporaries!  Stay Tuned for his Actual Final Zirconium Restoration Delivery NEXT! 

On-Site Financing Available

Quick and Easy On-Site Credit Financing and Flexible Payment Plans


Our SMILE NOW program allows you to get into the gorgeous smile you've always dreamed of without having to worry about huge upfront costs.

Most clients can easily qualify for ZERO down 0% interest plans and terms up to 72 months.

Approvals are so quick and simple that the majority of our financing clients begin treatment the very first day they walk in!

Call us Today to Get Started!

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